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CRC -VATSIM ATC Client starts Open Beta

VATSIM has started it's S3+ Open Beta for its new North American ATC client called CRC. This is a much-anticipated release and a huge milestone for the project. The announcement was made today by Ross Carlson on their discord he said:

- "We've taken care of the show-stopper bugs, and thus we can proceed with the S3+ open beta period. It will start at 5 PM eastern time this afternoon. All S3+ users in this Discord will be given the Tester role and have access to download CRC and connect to test and sweatbox servers starting within the next few minutes, and they will have access to the live server starting at 5 PM eastern."

This open beta release also comes in very closely with their original timeline posted on Sept 9th.

The next scheduled release is October 9th as listed as "Official Public Release". As long as no further bugs or delays are found. You can download the beta from their discord here Documentation can be found here: CRC:

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