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Cross the Land: Eastbound 2023 is underway!

One of VATSIM's biggest events of the year is currently taking place today. Cross the Land: Eastbound 2023 #CTL23E is well underway. The idea stemmed from VATSIM's #CTP (Cross the Pond) event. Instead of flying across the ocean to / from the USA, this event focuses on going across Europe to the Gulf area.

The scope and size of this event

Who wants to count the airplanes?

Tips if you want to participate.

This event has a booking system where pilots signed up for slots ahead of time. Now that the event has started you will not be able to get a slot. Can I still fly? Yes, but expect delays and some routing that you may not expect. Many times people sign up for a slot, but then do not show this is your best chance of getting airborne quickly.

Fly somewhere across or in between the event airports! This is one of my tips for massive events. What do I mean by this? You can fly laterally across the traffic and not interfere with the event traffic. Example you can fly from Rome to Vienna with almost full ATC, be creative!

Be PATIENT! These controllers are doing this because they want to, they are not paid, they are volunteers. Be patient and more importantly, respectful when trying to reach them on radio, get a clearance, etc.

Let us know how the event went for you!

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