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State of POSCON?

What is the current state of #POSCON? Is it still online? Can you join? What do they offer that other networks do not offer? Let us dive in and see what we can find!

Current status of POSCON

When you go over to their website is still operational and working. The site has not changed since their initial launch. No other information about updates or current status, just some information about the network and features. You can still sign up and login, so it is safe to say the network is operational.

Is it still online?

Yes! You can login and immediately be brought to HQ and quickly look at the live map. As of writing this there is currently 0 pilots or ATC online.

Can you join?

Yes! Simply head over to and you will see the sign-up button as you scroll down in the middle of the page.

What do they offer that other networks do not offer?

POSCON is a completely custom-made online flight simulation network, because of this they have developed some features that make them stand apart. Here are some the main differences:

  • Centralized distribution software (the launcher)

  • Web based Pilot Client UI (radios, connection, notifications, etc.)

  • Member ranking system

  • Ghost mode

  • Automated "Trips" system

  • Real time flight plan processing

  • CPDLC (custom made, not HOPPIE)

I encourage you to take a moment to look at their FAQ page for more details.

Personal Thoughts

POSCON is a great idea with bad execution. The technology far surpassed legacy networks but failed to gain community support. This could be a number of factors including UI, confusing policies, and to many software bugs on initial release. Legacy networks biggest success is their communities. They allowed them to grow independently but be part of a larger organization for decades. POSCON tried the opposite approach of keeping everything extremely centralized and controlled from the organization. This ultimately led to lack of community interest as what they wanted to do (create their community in their image) due to lack of development on this front.

It will be interesting to see where POSCON goes in the future. Will the development continue? Will the community show interest again? Personally, I hope so, the more innovation and creativity for online flying benefits everyone. Also having the option to do something on one network, then do something else on another is exciting to me. Many hope for one massive network for all of online flight simulation, this is a utopian view and honestly never will see it. To many differences of opinion, how to run organizations, etc., will exist to make that ever possible.

Let us know your thoughts on POSCON and it's future!

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