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TMU with VATUSA Events

The VATUSA Events team hosted a Masterclass on TMU on their discord to showcase what they do and provide some learning on the subject. It regularly oversees majority of events across the USA Division, especially Friday Night Ops (FNO).

The Division Command Center (DCC) was established in 2020 to address untenable spikes in traffic volume during events, exacerbated by a Division-wide lack of inter-ARTCC collaboration.

  • Implementing national traffic management programs

  • Monitoring and analyzing system components and weather patterns for potential system impact.

  • Determining when the implementation of a traffic management initiative (TMI) is required.

  • Acting as the authority for interfacility traffic management initiatives

  • Creating future plans for traffic management that affect multiple facilities.

  • Communicating all of the above with facilities

  • Resolving operational disagreements between facilities

They gave quite an extensive presentation which I highly recommend reviewing their material. Next time you fly in or out of a VATUSA event the Division Command Center may be overseeing your flight!

Read about their presentation here!

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