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VATSIM Announces GCAP - Global Controller Administrative Policy

VATSIM has announced its new policy on how controllers operate on the network, this replaces the existing Global Ratings Policy (GRP).

From VATSIM's Facebook Page:

On March 1st 2024, the VATSIM Global Controller Administration Policy (GCAP) will officially replace the VATSIM Global Ratings Policy (GRP) that has governed ATC rules and regulations on VATSIM for many years. Read the new policy here

Some of the highlights below:

  • New position designations as either unrestricted or restricted

  • Tier 1, Tier 2, Super Center Designations

  • Clear to read table on individual authorization to operate ATC positions

  • Expansion of Solo Endorsements as it relates to Tier 1, 2, and Super Center

  • Defined Air Traffic Controllers Assessment and Rating Progression

  • Defined Air Traffic Controller Standards

  • Expansion of the ATC Rating Competencies

My thoughts

The new GCAP is a long needed and awaited document bringing modernization to an old policy. The most exciting changes are the new Tier's for endorsements, it will be interesting to see what local divisions chose in the new designation. A lot of airports are missing from "Major" status as it stands right now, but also some airports exist that don't need to be Major as well. Looks like about 6 months until the policy becomes active, giving divisions plenty of time to implement and discuss!

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