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VATSIM - CRC / vNAS Release Plan

#VATSIM has announced a release date and plan for the latest software update to its Air Traffic Control software. The new software called CRC (Controller Radar Client) will be released in stages, allowing for a smooth transition from legacy ATC clients. Currently vERAM, vSTARS, and VRC are the primary software used in North America for Air Traffic Control.

This new software will also deploy a new server called vNAS (Virtual National Airspace System) that emulates as much as possible the real-world system it simulates. It will bring together multiple applications to all work seamlessly together. Be sure to check out their website here - vNAS (

Below is a timeline for release, as always delays still might occur.

From now until September 18th:

  • Finishing touches on STARS

  • Minor bug fixes and feature tweaks from our development backlog

  • Begin work on CRC documentation

  • Ongoing informal testing

  • Coordination with VATSIM staff regarding technical and administrative tasks

Week of September 17-23:

  • Scheduled STARS test events on 9/18 and 9/21

  • Fixing any issues that come up during testing

  • Continuing with CRC documentation

Weeks of September 23 - October 8

  • Expanded beta testing open to any VATUSA controller holding an S3 rating or higher

  • Fixing any issues that come up during testing

  • Finishing up CRC documentation

  • Moving hosting of vNAS servers and facility database to permanent location within VATSIM infrastructure

October 9

  • Official public release

October 9 - November 8

  • Transition period

  • Phasing out of legacy clients (VRC, vSTARS, vERAM)

Evening of November 8

  • Officially retiring the legacy clients

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