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VATSIM - Cross the Pond Airports Announced

The voting is over, and the airports have been chosen! The vote closed this week, and the results are in! Check out the results below, did your airport make the cut?

Cross the Pond is happy to announce our departure and arrival fields for 2023 Eastbound!


  • KJFK

  • KBOS

  • CYYZ

  • TNCM

  • KMCO

  • KATL

  • CYHZ

  • CYWG

  • SBBR

  • SKBO

  • TJSJ

  • MDPC


  • EGLL

  • EDDF

  • EHAM

  • LOWW

  • EBBR

  • ESSA

  • FACT

  • DIAP

  • GOBD

  • GMMN

  • DTTA

  • LIRF

You can keep up to date with us via our Twitter and Facebook @vatsimctp, or the CTP Discord server. To join our discord head over to and follow the instructions.

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